Our Gins

London Dry Gin

It took over 6 months, more than 40 recipe variations, and over 300 expert testers to get to the smooth flavours you can now enjoy in Sky Wave Gin. We know you’ll love the result of our hard work.


Distilled exactingly in the London Dry style using the ‘one shot’ method with the botanicals added directly to the wash, the signature gin we have created for you is genuinely made by hand by either Rachel or Andy; your bottle will indicate who was that day’s distiller. It is distilled gently in ultra-micro batches, a handful of bottles at a time. This allows us to manage the flavour precisely and results in a remarkably smooth gin. We cut the ‘hearts’ by taste, not by machine or alcoholic content, so you know that you will always get a genuinely craft yet consistent product. (For those who aren’t sure what we mean, the ‘hearts’ of the distillation are the lovely part of the spirit run with all the flavours of the botanicals, without any of the bitterness that comes towards the end of the run in the ‘tails’.)

The first thing you’ll notice about Sky Wave London Dry Gin is its fabulous aroma, just as a gin should be - no overwhelming alcohol smell, but a mysterious and evocative mixture of our 13 botanicals from around the world. Many people have said that our gin begs to be tasted from that very first encounter. You’ll also notice a slight louche as you add your tonic - a slight cloudiness. This is the wonderful flavour of your gin turning visible. It’s caused by the essential oils from the botanicals and is completely normal - it’s our sign that you have chosen a flavour-packed gin. We absolutely refuse to cold-filter our gin (one way to remove the cloudiness) because that simply filters out some of the flavour.

Once in the mouth, after the expected juniper lead, our citrusy notes come to the fore. After a long, smooth middle, which you’ll want to savour, you are left with a wonderfully lingering, subtly spicy finish that has been described as ‘very very moorish’. You won’t be able to wait for the next sip - but please enjoy Sky Wave Gin responsibly!

We source ingredients locally wherever possible, using blackberries foraged from our village hedgerows, locally grown raspberries and the finest local spring water. As we distil we look out to the far the horizon over the beautiful Oxfordshire countryside, hoping for a glimpse of a ‘Gin Sky’. 

Pick up Sky Wave Gin from our online shop or through our network of stockists.

Raspberry and Rhubarb Gin


Our Raspberry and Rhubarb Edition is Rachel’s brainchild. At 42%ABV, it is the perfect light summer gin and tonic. Hand crafted with home grown Oxfordshire rhubarb and ripe raspberries, it delivers a fruity burst which is full of flavour while being fresh and light. It retains the complexity of the signature Sky Wave Gin, while adding a delicate overtone of summer fruits.  No colouring, sugars or preservatives are added making this the perfect gin and tonic for gin lovers looking for something a little different. 

We also offer a Navy Strength (57% ABV)  and a Spiced Apple Gin Liqueur (20% ABV). Pick up Sky Wave Gin from our online shop or through our network of stockists.


Our Stills

Our product development still is a traditional copper alembic still, a design which is potentially thousands of years old but which works wonderfully for distilling gin. Because it’s a much smaller still, we have named it ’Tilly’ after our lovely new springer spaniel puppy.

Our production still is larger (but not much!) and also has a traditional copper column. This one is called ‘Tessie’ after our beloved springer spaniel whom we lost in 2017 aged 13.

So, you could almost say that the fabulously smooth Sky Wave Gin taste you enjoy would not be possible if it wasn’t for our two spaniels, Tessie and Tilly!

Our beloved old girl Tessie.

Our beloved old girl Tessie.

Our daft new puppy Tilly (she’s bigger than this now).

Our daft new puppy Tilly (she’s bigger than this now).