Our Story; what’s in a name?


Rachel and Andy have been life-long gin drinkers, seeking out unusual and flavourful gins.  However, we had always been mere consumers, never thinking about distilling our own.

Our boutique gin inspiration hit us when we were by the sea on our wedding anniversary. We blazed home with the idea and immediately set to work.  Rachel was driven by the idea of creating a genuine craft gin, with flavours inspired by our lives and experiences.

Both Rachel and Andy have lived lives full of adventure. Epic journeys through mountain, sky, desert and sea inspired the flavour profile of this outstanding gin. Some of the botanicals we use reflect these far-away, exotic places, and the name ‘Sky Wave’ is a fusion of the big skies and big waves that have characterised our adventures. ‘Sky Wave’ is also a term used in radio; in our former lives, we were respectively a BBC radio reporter and a Royal Signals Army Officer. 

But although we love traveling the world, we also love our home in Oxfordshire. From our distillery we look out over the rolling Oxfordshire countryside, the essence of which we also wanted to incorporate into our spirit. Blackberries foraged from our village hedgerows make up one of our botanicals. A neighbour grows our raspberries. We use the finest local spring water. Ours is a very personal gin; each bottle is hand-crafted and with a handwritten note. Each comes distilled with total commitment to the art, crafted by passionate gin drinkers, for passionate gin drinkers.

Pick up a bottle from our online shop or through our network of stockists. You’ll want to come back for more!